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Budding Shutterbugs, Hone Your Photography Skills At This Workshop In Lodhi Gardens On Sunday

City Wire 29 Aug 2018


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Is exploring different places and immortalising them on camera your passion? Then you’re a true blue photography freak and we’ve got you something great to do this Sunday! Take a look! 

Is Your Camera Your Bestie? | If your camera, for you, is a medium through which you express yourselves, then you’ll just love what we’re about to tell you. There’s a ‘Basics of Outdoor & Travel Photography’ workshop happening at Lodhi Gardens, where you’ll basically learn all the intricate details about photography and get a chance to hone your skills.

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So here are some of the things that the workshop will take you through - you’ll get to learn about the different modes of DSLR cameras and get tips on how to improve your photography skills! That’s pretty great, right? All you have to do is carry your DSLR camera for sure and a tripod and flash, if you have them. 

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The workshop is for all beginners who wanna ace their photography game and not for professional photographers. These peeps will also hand you a complementary vegetarian meal box so no worries about mid-workshop hunger pangs! 

We’ll see you there bright and early on Sunday, folks!

When | Sunday, 2nd September
Entry | Rs 1,500
Where | Gate Number 7, Amrita Shergil Marg Side, Lodhi Gardens
Timings | 7 - 11 AM
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