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Bring Out Those Cameras - Beautiful, Lush Mughal Gardens Now Open to the Public



It’s official! Spring has arrived and the gates to the precious, magnificent Mughal Gardens have been flung open to the public and we can all now bask in the sun, admiring lush beds of tulips, roses and primroses - all in full bloom!

While you’re here, apart from the Mughal Gardens you guys can also take a peek at the Herbal Garden that’s home to more than 33 medicinal and aromatic plants, a bonsai garden housing over 250 plants, a cactus garden with about 80 varieties along with a musical garden suffused with 12 fountains! That’s quite a lot of beauty in just one afternoon!

It was opened to the public on the 12th and will remain open only till the 20th of March, so all you nature lovers now’s the time to take a look-see!

Where | Rashtrapati Bhavan
Source | The Hindu