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Brilliant Boozy News Guys! Social Will Now Let You Order Whole Daru Bottles For The Table

So Delhi 17 Nov 2016


Social Offline never fails to impress us with their crazy and totally awesome schemes and ideas, and they’ve got another one now in store and it’s called the Lamba Khamba Menu! Head on over to Social and let all your worries and sorrows drown in a bottle of your favourite brew without burning major holes in your pocket - read on!

The deal here is that now you don’t have to walk over to the bar 10 times during your evening just to get refills. Just order up a bottle and share it with your friends, and that too at a majorly discounted rate! They’ve got it all, ranging from a bottle of wine worth Rs 2,000 to a bottle of tequila worth Rs 9,500! This is just so awesome. 

For the whiskey lovers, they’ve got Black Dog for Rs 2,500 to JW Double Black for Rs 7,700. Vodka enthusiasts can indulge in a bottle of Smirnoff for Rs 2,000 to Grey Goose for Rs 7,700! But the best of the best is you can get hold of a bottle of Jagermeister for Rs 6,500! Not bad, eh?

We’re heading over right away to avail this offer before the month runs out!

On Till | 30th November
Meal For Two | Rs 1,600
Where | All Social Outlets Across Delhi NCR