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Brightly Coloured Defunct Train Compartments Repurposed Into Pretty Offices @ This Museum



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Remember our school trips to the National Rail Museum and how we used to beam in excitement watching all those immobile engines and rail coaches? Ever wondered what used to happen to all those discarded bogeys and engines of hundreds of trains? Well, seems like these folks finally figured out how to put these coaches to good use and make the museum even more fun for school kids!

Boring Offices No More! | From what we’ve learnt, the authorities of the National Rail Museum have revamped one of the train compartments of Indian Railway to transform it into the museum’s administration block. Isn’t that so cool, guys? Instead of the boring old concrete rooms, the museum now has two new & vibrant dark red train wagons repurposed along with a yellow signboard just like the one on an actual station platform that says ‘Administration Block’. Supposedly, this not only looks funky but has also made communication between the staff much easier and that people are able to connect better ‘cause of the same.

Coaches for the director’s office along with a visitor’s room and workspace for the staff has already been prepared and work on the other coach and the pretend platform is expected to be finished by the first week of September. Besides, it turns out that it costs the authorities way less than what it would’ve if a new office complex had been built out of scratch. 

So, aren’t you excited about your next trip there? Make plans and relive those good ol’ school days once again!

Sourced Via Times Of India