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Breathe Better With These Helpful Air Purifiers From Kurin Systems

So Delhi 30 Nov 2017


If walking down the road till the nukkad ki shop has started leaving your breathless then we’d like to say that you aren’t just getting old or unhealthy, the problem here is a bit more severe! It’s the air you breathe that has been making breathing a difficult task these days. It’s no news that the air quality in Delhi has been plummeting alarmingly. The irritation in your eyes, the sudden breathlessness, the unexpected sickness - all this is due to the ever-rising amount of dust and pollution in the air and frankly, it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! It seems like breathing in clean air has become some sort of luxury that Delhiites can’t seem to afford! 

While we can’t do much about the quality of the air outside, we can definitely decide what type of air we breathe while we’re in the safe confines of our homes! For that, let us introduce you to the saviour that has been making life and breathing easy for all of us in our office - air purifiers from Kurin Systems! Ever since the smog apocalypse returned to Delhi, the already pollution-filled air became even more hard to take in and since the least we could do was save ourselves while we were inside, we switched to the air purifying option and trust us, it was the best decision ever!      

The Air Cleanser

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Kurin Systems is the brainchild of Pavneet Singh Puri and Madhur Mehta - two youngsters who understood how hard it was becoming for people in Delhi to even breathe indoors! If you think we’re exaggerating then hear this - nearly one-third of all children have lung disorders and if this doesn’t alarm you, then we don’t know what will! And we know we can state and quote a few more facts here, but let’s cut to the chase and agree to just one fact - air purifiers have become a necessity today!    

And to make this necessity available to all, the lovely people at Kurin Systems have worked towards transhumanism and created a device that can compute and tell you about the air quality (particulate matter level) inside your room and also in your city, while making the air around you better. And that’s not all, the device also works through a dedicated app that lets you access it from anywhere! 

You Are What You Breathe

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Kurin Air Purifiers have an advanced filtration system with four levels of filtration - High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter which collects upto 99.9% of airborne impurities *WOAH*, a carbon-activated filter which removes all the harmful poisonous gases along with a pre-activated filter and woven cloth that remove all manner of pollen, dust, pet dander etc. and gives you the cleanest air you can ever imagine. Basically, this little air purifier lets you breathe easy, light and better!  

So if you haven’t gotten yourself one of these pretty things, then get it today ‘cause they’re life savers - literally! You can finally ‘breathe’ with them!   

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