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Breaking The Monopoly Of The Multiplexes - No One Can Sell Products Above MRP Now!

So Delhi 5 Dec 2016


Finally the practice of selling products above MRP has come under the scrutiny of the government, and the Consumer Affairs Department has declared that no product can have two different Maximum Retail Prices (MRPs) within the same state! It had been seen that products like bottled water, beverages and various other packaged products are being sold at different MRPs in various shops and multiplexes. 

It’s come to light that in case of two different MRPs in the same state, the lower one will be considered correct. Like you know how in movie theatres a bottle of water with an MRP of Rs 10 is sold at Rs 40, minimum! This is pure evilness!

Thus, high time this rule be passed and the monopoly of the multiplexes came to an end. Nice move!