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Break The Shackles of Stress With Fuschia's Amazingly Rejuvenating Bath Salts!

So Delhi 19 Aug 2016


Inescapably trapped in the hectic siren song that is your life? Well, fret not - Fuschia’s got you covered! Realising your dire need to get rid of the ever-present shackles of stress, Fuschia has come up with some really amazing bathing salts that can also be used for impromptu pedicures and stress-relieving long baths. 

Dishing The Deets | Providing you with the calming relaxation of a spa and the benefits of dead sea minerals right in the comfort of your home, Fuschia is all geared up to be our stress and skin saviour. They offer some really rejuvenating bathing salts that are bound to take you to a happier and stress free place!

Go get ‘em and pamper yourself!

Price | Rs 200 For a 50gm Pack
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