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Break the Monotony By Learning Dance & Music at Nitro Performing Arts

So Delhi 21 May 2016


The place that'll make you do the tango, hone your musical skills or get you in shape with rigorous fitness regimes - Nitro Performing Arts is your neighbourhood training centre you can count on for anything!

What They Offer | Specialising in dance, they've got a curriculum of around 50 dance styles on offer. They have masters in Ballroom dancing, Latin and western styles, not to forget the traditional Indian styles. Also available are self-defense classes, music classes and fitness routines including the likes of acrobatics, power yoga and gymnastics. 

We'd specifically recommend these guys to you for salsa, Bollywood, jazz, contemporary and zumba! 

Added bonus - You can also avail free trial classes before going in for the regular schedule, so go give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Where It's Located | H - 30, Kailash Colony, Near GK 1
Here's Their FB Page |