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Brand Factory Is Giving FLAT 60% Off On 100+ Brands At Their National Brand Week, Guys!


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Hey there, shopaholics! Have anything planned for Republic Day? Nope? Good, ‘cause we’ve got you this awesomesauce sale that’ll go on for the entire week! Take a look and thank us later.

The National Brand Week Is Here! | Guys, Brand Factory is back with yet another awesome sale and we’re so freakin’ excited! So here’s the deal - these people are giving you a FLAT 60% off on more than 100 brands and that is just so amazing. The sale is on till the 27th of January, so, get going right away, peeps!

Don’t forget to splurge on pretty jackets, shoes, dresses, tees and so much more (OMG). We can’t contain our excitement anymore and are so rushing over to indulge in some retail therapy! See you all there, folks, laden with shopping bags!

On Till | Sunday, 27th January
Where | Brand Factory - Ghaziabad, Rohini & Raja Garden
Timings | 9 AM - 9:30 PM
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RSVP On FB Here |
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