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Brace Yourselves Delhiites As The Worst Of Dilli Ki Sardi Is Yet To Hit Us Shortly!


Looks like the weather gods will be done with us only after we look no less than the Night King himself, all frozen up! After breaking the record of 119 years, Delhi is yet to see the worst of its winters.

All ‘Em Frozen Feels | A private weather agency called Skymet has predicted that entire North India will witness rain and snow from January 6. This will, in turn, lead to a January even harsher than December. So, start hoarding those puffy jackets and warm blankets and prep up to sit beside those heaters ALL DAY, ‘cause frosty days are in the offing!

This time, Delhi witnessed one of the coldest days in its history, as the minimum temperature went down to 2.4 degrees Celsius *WAIT WHAT*. According to weathermen, a trail of western disturbance would continue through January as rain and snow would pick up the pace from January 6 to 8th, after a brief break till Sunday. It is not the night temperatures, but the cold days which is gonna be the main reason for discomfort.  

This means those teeth-clacking days are still not gone, fellas. Brace yourselves!

Sourced Via News 18