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Boozeheads, Y'all Need To Try This Rich Whisky & Vodka From Bottoms Up For A Happy High!

Dilli Glutton 22 Sept 2020


Hola, Delhizens! Y’all know we’re ALWAYS on a lookout for new places to eat, but did you know we love exploring new liquor brands as well? Yep, so during our search, we found this brand called Bottoms Up, which is a subsidiary of Empire, and they’re offering a potent blend of whisky and vodka. Scroll down for more deets.

Boozy Days Ahead | Bottoms Up’s mellow whisky is made using the finest quality grains and is kept in oak wood casks for a while before it reaches you. This process enhances the woody flavour and the rich malty flavour that will leave a pleasant taste, something that we just can’t wait to sample!

Apart from this, Bottoms Up is also known for its vodka that is super rich and is defo gonna give you a happy high (ah, those golden days!). It’s available at your nearest wine & beer shop, so go get your hands on it and drink responsibly.

BTW, don’t forget to tell your buds about it too. 

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