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Booze Heads, Check Out These Super Quirky Cocktails Served In A Bong @ Our Beloved Raasta

Dilli Glutton 16 July 2018


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With umpteen number of quirky cocktails out there in the city, we Delhiites have really been spoilt for choice and are always looking for more hatke ones to down! And guess what? We came across a rather unique cocktail presentation recently, which has left us completely spellbound! Read on!

Bongtails? Bring It On! | Our beloved Raasta does some super quirky cocktails that they present to you (with quite a flourish, we might add) in actual bongs! They’re called Bongtails, and we’re dying to try one. You can choose from different flavours like Supernatural, Pink Panther, White Rhino and loads more! 

So who’s up for a boozy sip of this really creative drink? Come swing by!

Where | Raasta - Green Park & Gurgaon
Price | Rs 450 Onwards
Timings | 12 Noon - 12:30 AM
Call Them | +91 8527 298 942
Check Out Their FB Page |