Bookstore + Cafe + Art Gallery In One! This Hidden Gem In GGN Is A Paradise For Introverts

Editors 25 Aug 2017

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There’s an art gallery in Gurgaon that’s pretty awesome and a hidden gem you just gotta know about! Quill and Canvas - Bookshop & Art Gallery is THE place to go for all art enthusiasts. 

This huge store in South Point Mall is all that you’re looking for if chilling with a good book and a warm cuppa is your jam! From some renowned pieces of art to a good set of books, this store is your go to for everything wonderful. 

They even host a bunch of events every now and then, from book launches to stand up comedy sessions, they’ve got it all happening in here. 

So if books are your BFFs, and artwork appeals to your discerning eye, then you have to head on over to Quill and Canvas! 

Where | Quill And Canvas - 122 DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, DLF V, Sector 53, Gurgaon
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