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Bookmark Birthdays n More Party Planners For Those Lavish Parties & Gala Dinners You Wanna Throw

So Delhi 29 June 2016


Thinking of planning a kickass party all by yourself? If you're thinking of a large scale event assuming that things are going to magically fall into place and it's going to be a seamless affair, we hate to break your bubble - but it's just not that easy folks!

However don’t be disheartened! We're here to introduce you to Birthdays n More Party Planners! If you're scouting for the perfect venue, picture perfect decor, innovative activities, gooey cakes, and the most sumptuous spread, they know the right people and can hook you up.

It really is your one stop solution - you just need to sit back, relax and can take all credit in front of your pals! *wink wink*

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