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Booked A Rajdhani Ticket? You May Be Able To Switch To An Air India Ticket By Paying A Lil Extra

So Delhi 27 Oct 2017


Got your holiday planned, plus got everyone ready and packed for the same, booked your Rajdhani tickets? But at the last minute had to cancel everything because your seats ain't confirmed?! DAMN!! This sucks, right? Well it won’t anymore, ‘cause soon there might come an option where you’ll straightaway get Air India tickets for your destination instead! NICE! 

Air India has been challenging Rajdhani Express with competitive ticketing prices, and soon the national carrier might team up with Indian Railways to solve your ticket traumas! The idea for now is that Rajdhani Express passengers with unconfirmed seats in AC tier 1 and AC tier 2, may be able to exchange these tickets for a confirmed Air India flight ticket to that destination. All they have to do is share their contact details with the national carrier, who will then offer tickets at competitive prices, and passengers can then pay the difference, if there is any! 

Sounds pretty cool right? Sure does! 

Sourced Via Conde Nast Traveller