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Book Your Stay At This Grand Palace Hotel In Bhopal & Experience The Royal Life Under Rs 6,000


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Glorious palaces are definitely a sight to behold, but it also leaves one wondering what it would feel like to stay in one of these magnificent homes! Well, if you’re someone who loves exploring such forts and palaces, then you might want to read about this heritage hotel where you can stay like a royal.

For A Royal Vacay | So, Jehan Numa Palace Hotel is an imposing structure standing proudly along the slopes of Shamla Hills. It was built in the 1890s under the rule of Nawab Sultan Jehan Begum and was simultaneously named after her. This glorious 19th-century palace boasts of Colonial, Indian Renaissance and Classical Greek architecture - awesome! They have 100 rooms which include 6 suites that are decked with plush décor and has all the urban amenities that we have come to depend upon. 

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During your comfortable stay here you can dine at their lavish restaurants and bars which offer a variety of authentic home-cooked flavours. And if you’re tired of exploring all the local attractions then you can loosen up and relax at their spa. You can also kickstart your day with exercise and take a dip in the pool or workout at the gym.

Book your tix and land up HERE for a royal vacay, folks!

Where | Jehan Numa Palace Hotel - 157, Shamla Hill, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Tariff | Rs 5,525 Onwards (As Recorded On 21st August, 2019)
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Check Out A Few Pretty Pictures Of This Property!

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