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Book Tix On Your Phone For Airport Express Line From Tomorrow, So More Standing In Queues Now!


Hola Delhizens, we’re back with some more news on the Delhi Metro. You peeps can now use your smart phones to purchase tickets for the Airport Line. Yeah, we can see the quizzical look on your faces. So, scroll on and you’ll know what’s up!

Tickets On Your Smart Phones? | The DMRC is introducing QR-code based ticketing on your smart phones for travelling on the Airport Line from this Sunday, i.e., tomorrow. So basically, no more wasting your time standing in endless queues just to buy tickets. Delhi Metro saves the day yet again!

So, here’s what you have to do - download the Ridlr App on your smartphones, select your origin and destination stations and pay the fare. After that, the app will display a QR code for the journey that you have to scan at the metro station, that’s all! And you know what the best part about this is? You can actually buy tickets without being physically present at the metro station. Perfect!

All the six metro stations on the Airport Express Line have QR-enabled entry and exit gates, where, like your smart cards, you just have to scan the QR codes on your phones. Easy peasy!

This awesome initiative by the DMRC is gonna be executed from tomorrow onwards. So, metro rides are gonna become all about comfort now and not waiting in long queues. Phew! Thanks a ton, Delhi Metro.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times