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Book Fairies Drop Books For People To Pick Up & Now Delhi's A Part Of This Too!

So Delhi 22 July 2017


The Book Fairies are dropping books worldwide at various locations and they’ve finally touched down in Delhi too! With celebrities like Emma Watson following this amazing concept too, we Delhiites are all set to be a part of it as well. 

They hide books around the world for people to find, pick up, read and then leave them again for someone else to read! To spread the essence of reading and sharing among people, The Book Fairies are following this awesome concept that we can’t wait to be a part of. 

All you gotta do is order book fairy stickers online, choose a book that you’ve read and love, put the sticker on the book and leave it someplace where you think people will easily have access to! But not too easy - let them look for it a bit *wink wink*! 

It’s being followed in Mumbai and we can’t wait for the book fairies to reach Delhi, though a couple has started a little concept where they’re dropping books on the metro for people to catch - read all about it here

Kudos to the concept!

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