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Book a Guaranteed Seat on an AC-Bus (With WiFi) With This App-Based Bus Service



After all the commotion and talk regarding the seat reservation option in metros, the latest scoop is that from June onwards, there would be a mobile app that'll allow you to book your seats on a bus with air conditioning and WiFi facilities.

We know what you're wondering! Is this the end of all the elbowing and shoving in the crowded buses? It actually could be possible, if there's actually is a booking option provided. Delhi Government is planning on introducing buses on the lines of taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber, which would actually be a great boon to the traffic-clogged city.

They're also saying that there will be a strict online booking policy where seats would be fixed. These new buses would be equipped with CCTV cameras and the app would also have a panic button to ensure women's safety. 

In addition, an awesome feature is that if a driver picks up an unauthorised passenger, there'll be a heavy fine worth Rs 2,500, so there won't be any unscheduled stops. Stay tuned for more!

Tipped By | Hindustan Times