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Bite Into These Overloaded-With-Creamy Sauce Chicken Gravy Momos For Rs 30 In Janakpuri


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In the middle of a crowded market, has the aroma of momos ever reached your nostrils and made you want to follow it back to its source? Or, has seeing a plate of these delicacies ever made you crave for them right then and there? If you’ve answered in the affirmative to all of the above, then you are a die-hard momo lover. And for us, there’s nothing in the world that can bring as broad a smile on our faces than these scrummies. So be ready to show us your debonair grin, peeps, as we’ve got you something. Take a look!

Super Creamy Momos, Just For You! | In A-1 Market in Janakpuri, you’ll come across an unnamed stall that dishes out some of the most creamy and mouth-watering Chicken Gravy Momos ever! 

And in case you’re broke AF, which is characteristic of us bhukkads, you need not worry at all. This dish is priced at Rs 30 ONLY, so you can get a satisfactory momo meal, without having to shell out too much. Seeye there, peeps!

Where | Unnamed Stall - A-1 Market, Janakpuri
Price | Rs 30