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This Delivery Place In Rohini Does Yummy Kurkure & Tandoori Momos!

So Delhi 17 Nov 2020


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Momos are like oxygen for us Delhi peeps and not a day goes by when we don’t hog on them from our nearest momos wale bhaiya. Although asking us to pick our fave type is like urging a mother to choose her favourite child but if we absolutely had to then most likely the answer will always be spicy tandoori dumplings. And we’ve recently come across a delivery joint doing an uber zesty-looking variant of it that we can’t wait to wolf down! 

These Tandoori Momos Have Us Drooling | Tadkaa By Vaibhav is a tiny delivery kiosk in Rohini that does lip-smacking dishes and when we chanced upon their tempting tandoori momos, we knew we had to share it with y’all! The chicken ones are available for Rs 180 while the veg alternative will set you back by Rs 140. These are served with two spicy & tangy dips and come loaded with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers - yum!

These folks also dole out other delish options like Masala Chaap Tikka, Chat Pate Fries, Kurkure Momos and more which you must give a shot to while binging here. So, wipe off that drool and order up from Tadkaa By Vaibhav. Your tummies can thank us later!

Where | Tadkaa By Vaibhav - 152, Mangolpur Kalan, Sector II, Rohini
Timings | 5 PM - 4 AM
Call Them | +91 9711 430 056
Price | Rs 140 (Veg) & Rs 180 (Non-Veg)
Check Out Their FB Page |