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Bite Into Kadak Roomali Roti & More As You Shop 'Cause Indus Flavour Will Be @ Boho Bazaar



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As y’all know that Boho Bazaar presented by MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic is happening this weekend and we’re losing it RN! It’s gonna feature tons of boho things, from macrame earrings to glow in the dark makeup, there’s a whole lotta things you can do over here. Also present will be food stalls to keep hunger at bay and we’re gonna tell you about this one fest-fave eatery that’s making its way over from North Campus. Take a look!

A Flavourful Bazaar | Indus Flavour is a pretty popular eatery located at the student hub of GTB Nagar that’s known for dishing out a quirky variety of absolutely zesty yummies such as quirky options such as Cheesy Italian Kadak Rumali Roti, Peri Peri Tandoori Momos, Smokey Dal Makhni Fondue with Cheese Naan Skewers, Frozen Chocolate Paan Mousse and Candy Floss Paan to name a few scummy options. So now you know why we’re so excited to make a stopover at their stall at this mega shopping Christmas-themed gala! 

Drop everything that you’re doing this weekend and head over to The Epic Flea Market ‘cause you’re just gonna love the whole vibe over here. If you haven’t grabbed your tickets, yet, well then, go on and get booking. And if you’re feeling a bit lazy, then you can get them at the venue as well!

See you there!

When | Friday - Sunday, 20th - 22nd December
Where | Gate No. 6, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
Entry | Rs 199
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