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#BirdSpotting: The Greater Flamingos Have Finally Come Out of Hiding & Hit Base in Delhi



Yep, the Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) have finally come out of hiding and hit base in Delhi! Until 2012, they were quite a common sight at the Okhla Bird Sanctuary, but post that their population just kept declining and 2015, we didn’t see them at all. Now the flamingos have decided to say hello to Delhi again, but from their new home in Najafgarh Jheel! 

Fun Fact | The Greater Flamingos are a popular resident of Africa, the Mediterranean region, Southwest and South Asia. They migrate to Rajasthan, NCR-Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Birdwatchers claimed that the Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a natural migration spot for these birds, but in the past few years things have changed. 

The suitable conditions for the Great Flamingo is a marshland but due to changes in the habitat and unanimous disturbances, they’ve shifted from Okhla to Najafgarh. 

All in all, we’re just glad that these beautiful wading birds are revisiting Delhi! 

Sourced via Hindustan Times