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Bira Lovers, Get Ready For 2 Smashing New Variants - Bira 91 Light & Bira 91 Strong!

So Delhi 25 May 2017


A birdie paid us a visit the other day and came bearing some beer-y exciting news! If you love beer, and if you’re a Bira fan, then this infectious excitement is gonna rub off on you in the next few minutes!

Bira 91 has come out with TWO new variants to add to their existing flavours! Yup, you heard that right. Make way for Bira 91 Light & Bira 91 Strong, y’all!

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Bira 91 Light | Said to be the first ever low calorie available in the Indian market, you can down this one hoke befikr anytime of the day! *We Like*. It boasts of a calorie content less than a glass of wine, champagne, most cocktails or even a breezer! Heck, it’s even lesser than a glass of milk or orange juice! Low on the bitterness, it also has just 4-5% of alcohol content. That sure makes for a great option for everyday indulgence which is also healthier than the rest.

Bira 91 Strong | If you’re one of the more hard core beer lovers then this one’s for you! It's a high intensity wheat beer with about 7% alcohol content in it. This is the first high on taste strong beer based on wheat and we're super excited to try this one out! 

So, how did you take the good news? Makes you happy, right? *Smirks* As for us, WE’RE STOKED!!