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Binge On Filling & Delicious Moth Ki Kachori Just For Rs 10 From A Roadside Kiosk In Janakpuri


A popular street food in Delhi, kachoris are our all-time fave comfort food and with the onset of winter, we’re already craving a piping hot plate of kachoris! Can anything beat the experience of guiltlessly binging on flavourful, stuffed kachoris and a generous serving of sabzi on a chilled, misty morning? Nope, nothing at all. So we know that this tiny gem we found on the dusty streets of West Delhi will make you super happy!

Our Comfort Food Right Here | A lil kiosk outside Janakpuri West Metro Station dishes out yummy plates of comforting Moth Ki Kachori and we’re in love. This crispy treat is broken apart into bite-size pieces and them doused in a flavoursome gravy and topped with finely chopped onions and tomatoes. Come over and try it out yourself, we promise, it’s as palatable as street food gets!

Priced only at 10 bucks (not kidding, guys!), this toothsome serving of Moth Kachori is giving us major foodie goals and with winters almost at the door, there’s no better and comforting companion than this desi snack!

Where | Unnamed Stall, Outside Janakpuri West Metro Station, Magenta Line 
Price | Rs 10