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Bike Taxi Rapido Is Offering Free Rides To Voters In Delhi Tomorrow!


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Delhi goes to vote tomorrow and as citizens, it is our duty to go out and cast our vote. Multiple organisations are urging people to not just sit at home (‘cause its a holiday) but actually go out to vote. And there’s one such establishment that’s pulling all stops to ensure that you guys exercise your right to vote.

Delhi, It’s Time To Vote! | Bike taxi booking Rapido will be offering free rides to all voters in Delhi on 8th February. They will waive 100% ride fee for all rides upto 3 km to the election booth, anywhere across Delhi. The app will send a push notification to all users and they can use  "Code IVOTE" on the app to avail the offer, yep. It’s that easy! 

The deal is valid from 7 AM to 6 PM, so make sure you avail the service and step out of your homes to vote!

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