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Bike & Scooter Owners, You Can Soon Choose The Number For Your Vehicle's Number Plate

So Delhi 20 Apr 2018


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Bike lovers in the capital, we’ve got some really good news for y’all! From this month, you guys will be able to get fancy and VIP number plates of your choices for your bikes and scooters! *YAY*! 

Craft Your Own Number Plate | Last year, the Delhi government had proposed fancy and VIP number plates for all two-wheelers in the city. Seeing no friction from the public, the proposal was sent for clearance by the Lieutenant Governor and is gonna be executed from this month onwards! The draft needs a final nod from the cabinet and then, within 15 days it’s good to go, as per the Delhi Government. 

So all you peeps who were long willing to get your marriage dates on your number plates or something fancy like 9999, you can go ahead and get that wish fulfilled now! Forseeing the demand for some really cool numbers like 1000 or 1111, the transport department has set a base price of Rs 20,000 for them. And another category of numbers like 2222, 8888 or 0100 have a base price of Rs 15,000. 

So people, dont waste time and go get your desired numbers on your bikes as soon as the issuance of number plates are announced. It’s gonna be on first-come-first-serve basis, so hurry scurry! The number plates will be issued on an online portal at the showroom itself. So go grab your fave number!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times