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Big Bazaar Jumps To The Rescue By Offering Cash Withdrawal Facilities From Tomorrow!

So Delhi 23 Nov 2016


With the menace of demonetization taking a toll on everyone’s lives and the queues outside the ATMs becoming never ending, Big Bazaar is here to the rescue! 

Yup, so Big Bazaar just announced that customers can withdraw up to Rs 2,000 using a debit card at all stores post 24th November! Yes, so now with this cash withdrawal facility available at all Big Bazaars and petrol pumps, hopefully the mad scrum at banks will die down a little. 

The State Bank of India has helped Big Bazaar activate this facility through the bank’s cash at POS (Point Of Sale) machines!

The process is very simple - all that the customer has to do is head on over to the dedicated cash counter, swipe their debit/ATM card, enter the PIN and withdraw up to Rs 2,000 from their accounts!

Ditch the banks and ATMs, just head on over to the nearest Big Bazaar store guys! 

Sourced via NDTV