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Bhuvan Bam AKA BB Ki Vines Is Headed To Delhi To Make You Laugh Until You Cry Folks

So Delhi 14 Oct 2017


Comedian Bhuvan Bam, the mastermind behind BB Ki Vines, is all set to head on over to Delhi as part of his all-India tour and we’re itching to go see him live! Time to get your tummy rolling in laughter, because Bhuvan Bam is all set to take the stage, y’all. 

He’s performing live for the first time ever in a concert and that too in 10 + top cities of the country! NAICEE!

Bam's videos for BB Ki Vines are filmed using the front facing camera on his phone by himself. He originally uploaded his videos to Facebook, and then to YouTube. Little did he know that he’d become such a big sensation! Everyone who’s been enjoying his shows online, it’s time to go watch him live and crack a rib laughing!

Seeya there!

When | Sunday, 5th November 
Where | TBD 
Entry | Rs 499 - Rs 1,299
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