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BBQ Chicken, Lemon Fish & 5 More Mouthwatering Dishes @ Wok In The Clouds, Khan Mkt



Sometimes, after a long day of hectic work, all we want is to relax a bit by spending some quality time, either with our SO or with friends or simply some ‘me’ time. Some outlets come to our rescue with the perfect ambience to just grab a beer, chill, watch a match and have some ‘chakhna’ before heading home. There are only a handful of such places that instil this feeling among its customers and we just found the best among them!

Going by the name of ‘Wok In The Clouds’, this place is nestled in the heart of Khan Market, where every foodie search comes to an end. The place is spread over two floors with the first floor being dedicated to families and larger groups and the second floor geared towards smaller groups. They also boast about their terrace, which offers a spectacular view of the entire market. The second floor also comprises an enormous bar with almost every genre of alcohol known to man available. Still dazzled by the look of the place, we gobbled up the following:

1. Lemon Fish

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Being fish fanatics, our first order was their Lemon Fish which was scrumptious to the core! The chef had skillfully cooked the fish with a zing of lemon being felt in every bite and also ensured that the character of the fish remained intact. With on-point spices, it came served with coriander, steamed onions and corn and was presented to us after being garnished with spring onions and lemon slices on a fish shaped plate! Nice!

2. Bharwa Dum Kali Mirch Paneer

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This was one of the unique dishes served by this outlet. The bharwa paneer was cooked in the tandoor giving it a smoky essence. Between two slices of cottage cheese was a filling of mashed potatoes cooked in a unique blend of spices along with crushed dry fruits with a slight sweet flavour infused in the filling. The spirit of the dish was the apt use of black pepper which acted as a catalyst in enhancing the taste of this item. Unique yet delectable!

3. Bhatti Ka Murg

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This was a redefined version of tangri chicken. The chicken was prepared with prowess and suffused with strong spices, perfectly cooked in the tandoor. The chicken was slightly crisp on the outside while being utterly soft, tender and juicy inside. The blandness on the inside was compensated by the high quotient of spices on the outside making it a toothsome dish to devour. Served with a portion of sliced onions, we loved the way it turned out!

4. Stuffed Mushroom Caps

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The perception that healthy items are tasteless was broken by this dish. With mushrooms boiled evenly and filled with diced mushrooms, onions, corn, coriander and mozzarella cheese plus pickled jalapeno and black olives on the top, this dish was unconditionally healthy and at the same time palatable to the core. Garnished with lettuce leave and cherries, we were in love with the flavour of the filling in the soft and tender mushroom caps!

5. Barbeque Chicken

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We were amazed by the quantity of this dish. Gigantic pieces of chicken, roasted on a barbeque, marinated with plenty of spices and covered with rosemary sauce were presented to us with a side of mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies. The rosemary sauce was the highlight of the dish which carried a sweet and sour flavour with the oomph of spices easily felt. The essence of the dish was in the bite of chicken with rosemary sauce smeared over it along with a spoonful of veggies. Yum yum!

6. Grilled Chicken Breast

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The quantity of the dish again took us by surprise with it being a delight to both our taste buds and sight. An enormous chicken breast was grilled to perfection before being covered in a spicy sauce and was served with a portion of mashed potatoes and veggies. The vegetables were nicely cooked and the chicken was quite juicy with the essence of sauce evenly absorbed by the chicken.

7. Kulfi Platter

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Our dessert comprised of four different flavours of kulfi - Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate and Coconut being the fantastic four. All the flavours made homemade, and we particularly loved the Mango one the most! We loved the concept of bringing in all these distinctive flavours on one plate and presented in small portions.

Overall speaking, we simply loved the ambience! Neither too loud, nor too dull. One can expect to spend a nice evening here and with the varieties of cocktails and mocktails available, you can be assured of a satisfying meal and tipples!

Meal For Two | Rs 2,000
Location | Shop 52, Khan Market