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Best Women Cab Services in Delhi

So Delhi 27 Oct 2016


Delhi is making headway in every facet by leaps and bounds but there remains a sphere, where it is unfortunately and terribly lagging behind. And that sphere is the safety of the city’s women folk. The patriarchal mindset which still considers women as subjugated objects to men is still very much prevalent in the city. 

Year after year Delhi tops the National Crime Records Bureau’s list of crimes against women. Official statistics show that in the crimes entailing women, more than 60% perpetrators are known to their victims and majority of molestations and eve teasing incidents are done in broad daylight rather than at night.

Overhauling the Tarnished Images

Since Delhi has gained notoriety for the soaring crimes against women, it has become extremely pertinent to safeguard their rights and also overhaul the city’s image which is beyond tarnished. Amongst many other measures taken to provide safety for women, one notable one is the facility of a Women Cab Service which is slowly and steadily mushrooming in the city. These are the cab services run exclusively for women by women, which have been designed keeping all the safety measures in mind. 

Sakha Cabs for Women

Sakha Cabs, from 2010 has been providing cab services especially for women. The women chauffeurs are well confident, trained in self-defense and mass communication and can also guide you to all the famous tourist destinations. The women drivers are handpicked from the marginalised sections of the society and are rigorously skilled and groomed for driving sensibly on the Delhi roads with the maddening traffic. Such cab services can be used by working women and their families. Chauffeurs on call are also available from 8 AM-8 PM. The famed and critically acclaimed Actor Amir Khan especially endorses this cab service and makes use of it whenever he is in Delhi. Try to book your cab well in advance because this service is usually jammed with reservations. 

Ph: +91 9278 708 888, +91 9999 193 004


ForShe Cabs

This is another driving service exclusively for women and their families. These women drivers can not only handle a car but are also trained in martial arts. They provide AC taxis which operate all through NCR. They also have a panic button inside the cabs in case of any emergency.

Ph: +91 11 4422 2222, +91 11 4433 3222 



GCabs is another service that provides women chauffeurs to make women feel comfortable, secure and safe.  They operate from 8 AM-8 PM and also have hidden cameras and panic button installed in their cabs.

Ph: +91 11 3942 3942


So while Delhi tackles the increasing crimes against the fairer sex, all you girls be cautious and travel safely.