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Get Your Nutrition With The Farm Fresh, Hormones & Water Free Milk From These Organic Places

So Delhi 5 Nov 2019


Disclaimer: Bearing in mind the current health crisis befalling the city and the world at large, we're tweaking our content policy and recommendations. Stay positive, keep hygiene levels up and don't fall prey to panic and misinformation.

Tired of adulterated and low quality milk? Milk that’s more water and less health? A number of entrepreneurs have come up looking to address this problem by delivering premium cow’s milk from the farm to your doorstep. They're promising that “your early morning glass of nutrition is healthy and tasty and that it isn't adulterated with detergents or laden with hormones”. Here’s fresh from the farm, as-organic-as-you-can-get organic cow’s milk delivery options in Delhi.

Wholly Cow

Wholly Cow believes in the concept of milk containing absolutely no preservatives, added fat or flavour. They don’t use any hormones or other drugs to boost the yield of their cows. With a promise of “you receive the MILK AS IT IS produced by the cows”, WhollyCow uses only automatic milk parlors for the milking process, thereby delivering you milk that is completely untouched by human hands. It is fresh from the farm and organic, “just like nature intended”! Make sure your glass of milk is wholesome with WhollyCow!
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4S Milk

With the 4S’s in their name standing for Swach, Shudh, Sampurna and Sehat (clean, pure, complete and healthy), 4S Milk promises to deliver 100% tasty cow’s milk with none of the nastiness associated with artificial flavour enhancers or preservatives. With their own dairy farm designed for healthy growth of dairy cattle, this subscription only delivery service promises to take care of your child’s growth in the most robust manner. An additional bonus is the opportunity to visit their dairy farm to enjoy the freshest glass of milk and other dairy produce. 
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"Pure cow milk directly from our farm to your family” is what O’leche is all about. They believe that happy cows give happy milk and therefore provide their cows the best environment to produce the best quality of milk, because what goes in is what comes out. Since O’Leche believes in providing their customers with the freshest possible milk in a safe and hygienic manner, they deliver the milk directly to your home in well designed & safe milk pouches and do not sell milk at any of the stores. They also get brownie points for collecting the empty pouches back to recycle. This could be your glass of milk!
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Back 2 Basics

They are driven to provide pure and unadulterated milk from the farmer’s field to the urban table. Back to Basic Organics LLP is an A2 Milk producing firm and they exclusively select GIR cows that naturally produce milk rich in the A2 type of beta-casein instead of the more commonly available A1 protein. According to them, A1 protein can cause diabetic, cardiac and other health related problems and even lactose intolerance can sometimes be misperceived as intolerance to A1 protein. Back2basics provides fresh & raw unpasteurised milk to preserve the original structure of milk. For your dose of basic health, opt for Back2Basics. 
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TruMilk is the cleanest and safest milk to drink. The availability of three variants of TruMilk - full fat milk, toned and low fat milk gives you an option to choose accordingly. Their timely delivery is a plus. Including it in your family’s daily diet will definitely show positive results. With increasing cases of milk adulterated with sugar, glucose powder and edible oil, this is a safe bet for times like these.
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Simply The Milk

Simply The Milk, with its focus on quality over quantity looks to maintain small farms with less cows to ensure better management of the feed, clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation of cows. In addition to producing and delivering cow milk, as is, they have a state of the art lab for extensive QC on the milk including 24, 48 and 72 hour testing. What will really catch your attention is that they ensure regular medical check ups of their employees and follow good hygiene and sanitation practices. They deliver milk at your doorstep to eliminate unsafe storage and delay at dealer and retailer point. You can address your issues and queries through a personalized product support services consumer helpline +91 9971 792 168.
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