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Beloved Chef Manish Mehrotra Is Likely To Work Up His Magic In A Brand New Restro In GGN Soon!

So Delhi 29 Jan 2018


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Attention all you foodies, you're gonna love this awesome sauce news that we have for y’all *running hands in glee*!

A lil. birdie just told us that the beloved chef - Manish Mehrotra is gonna be working on a new restaurant by Rohit Khattar that is likely to open in Gurgaon’s One Horizon Centre and we just cannot wait! 

In the meantime, you can hit up Manish Mehrotra's stellar restaurant called Indian Accent that recently shifted venues, to The Lodhi.

You know the food's gonna be fantastic when it has Manish Mehrotra’s name on it so wait for further deets to be rolled out!

Where | One Horizon Centre - DLF Phase V, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurugram