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Being A Good Samaritan Now Pays - Govt Offers Rs 2000 Reward For Helping Accident Victims

So Delhi 12 Jan 2017


In this time of  severe monetary crunch, the Delhi Government has something special in mind for you. Now every person who extends help in taking a road accident victim to the hospital will be rewarded with Rs 2,000 by the government! Good deed plus incentives? Sweet! 

This scheme will hopefully encourage more people to take accident victims to the hospital and along with the Rs 2,000, they’ll also be given an appreciation certificate for the same. Plus, the best bit here is that the person who brings the accident victim in will also be given legal protection. So now you don’t have to be scared of any legal hassles to do a good deed! 

Delhi needs a comprehensive state-specific law for the protection of good samaritans similar to the one passed by Karnataka in November 2016. At least one step has been taken towards this! Let’s see how it fares *fingers crossed* 

Sourced via Hindustan Times