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Beer @ 70, Sangria @ 110 & Cocktails @ 210: Grab Your Drink @ Vintage Rates HERE


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You guys, the forever abuzz hangout zone in South Delhi that’s known for its great entertainment scene and delish, fresh-outta-the-oven grub with rooftop seating is making some noise yet again and it’s for all the right reasons.

Summers call for free flowing chilled beer, super cocktails, cool sangrias and what not, but to down them at slashed prices?! Nothing beats the happiness THAT brings to our tipsy souls. If you’d like that to happen to you, then you should hear this out!

Go Get This | Every Tuesday and Thursday, Cafe 27 brings back vintage rates wherein you get to down beer @ Rs 70, Sangria @ Rs 110, cocktails @ Rs 210 and IMFL @ Rs 110!! *Woohoo* That sure makes us happy!

You wouldn’t wanna miss out on THAT now, would you? Catch ya there over some chilled beer!

When | Monday - Thursday
Where | 26, Level 2, Kailash Colony Market
Check Out Their FB Page |