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Beat Pollution Woes The Desi Way: Try Tulsi, Neem and Pomegranate Juice!

So Delhi 11 Nov 2016


With the pollution level simply just not dying down, we’ve got a list of Ayurvedic hacks that’ll help you survive this deadly smog! This worrisome smoke haze is very harmful for our lungs in particular and overall health too, thus it’s time to get some ‘dadima-ke-nuskhe’ in use.

Various Ayurvedic experts have given out a few simple, yet effective tricks that would really save you the misery of coughing your lungs out! So first there's neem - neem absorbs the pollutants and detoxifies their effects. You can either wash your skin with neem or even eat 3-4 leave once a week, which should do the trick! 

Then tulsi should be planted in every household to absorb all the pollutants and if possible, drinking 10-15 ml of tulsi juice really helps clear the respiratory tract. Along with this, turmeric can be had every morning in water and a few drops of ghee in the nostrils will help you breathe better.  

Pomegranate juice helps purify the blood and a good ol’ steam will help you sleep well at night! So don't go popping pills, instead just enjoy some desi-tareeke and have yourself a healthy day and life!

Sourced via The Times Of India