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Be Ready To Pay Upto 6X The Luggage Rate If You Exceed Indian Rly.'s Baggage Weight Limit

Delhi Insider 14 June 2018


Which is that one instance when we would happily prefer travelling in trains over aircrafts? When we have lots of luggage to carry, duh! But now, gone are the days when we could travel with truckloads of luggage, with no one to stop us! Looks like Indian Railways just got stricter. Oops! 

Excess Luggage, Heavy Fine | Did you know that Indian Railways has a three-decades-old baggage allowance policy? Yep, they do. And they feel that it’s high time they put it into force. So, all you travellers, if you were planning to carry enormous amounts of luggage with you on your next train journey, you might want to think again. 

Why? Because passengers will be required to pay six times the stipulated amount as penalty if they’re caught with excess luggage. So if you’re a sleeper class or a second class passenger, you can carry luggage weighing 40 kgs and 35 kgs, respectively. And you can carry a maximum of 80 kgs and 70 kgs, respectively, by paying for excess luggage at the parcel office, at which point the excess luggage will be loaded in the luggage van.

And for an AC two-tier passenger, the limit is 50 kgs and you can carry a maximum of 100 kgs by paying a fee for the excess 50 kgs.  

So basically if you’re carrying extra luggage, you’ll have to book your luggage at the van and pay a fee equivalent to one and a half times the luggage rate. But in case you don’t book your luggage in advance, and it outweighs the prescribed limit, then you’ll have to pay six times the luggage rate! 

The Railways has declared that it will carry out random checks among the passengers in order to ensure compliance. Also, as per specifications by the Indian Railways, passengers must carry trunks, suitcases and boxes which adhere to the measurements of 100 cms x 60 cms x 25 cms for personal luggage. 

So the next time you travel by train, you’ll wanna travel light, people!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times