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Be Careful While Overtaking The Vehicle In Front Or It Might Cost You Upto Rs 10K!

Delhi Insider 10 Sept 2019


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Since we’ve been going on about how there has been an insane rise in the fine for various offences under the new amendments in the Motor Vehicles Act here’s another offence which most of us (knowingly or unknowingly do) and if you’re not careful enough, it might cost you a fortune!

Stop, Look, Go | Earlier, not many people gave it much of a thought to overtake the vehicle in front of them, but now y’all will have to ensure that this is done as per the prescribed rule. Yep, if you’re caught doing this for the first time, the fine could be anywhere between Rs 1,000 - 5,000 or 6-12 months of jail or BOTH. And if you’re caught again, the subsequent penalty for the same could be upto Rs 10,000 (woah) or 2 years of jail or BOTH!

Using of mobile phone while driving or even if you’re caught driving against the flow of the traffic will result in the same penalty as given above. Did you know previously the penalty for these offences were Rs 1,000? Yep, it has indeed been quite a steep rise under the new amendments and would hopefully result in people obeying the traffic rules more.

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Sourced Via The Times Of India