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BANNED: Sexist Rappers Will No Longer Be Performing At DU Girls College Fests!

City Wire 12 Jan 2017


With the DU fest season fast approaching, the most discussed topic now in colleges is the celebrities that’ll be performing, whether it’s a rapper, a Punjabi duo, a band or a Bollywood celeb, the options are endless! But this year onwards, most girls colleges have decided to make a conscious call about not calling artists whose song lyrics are derogatory towards women. 

Artists who objectify women and make sexist comments on them in their songs will just not be invited now *hear hear*! On one side we fight for women’s rights and on the other, we’re grooving to songs like “Lagdi ai mainu jiven ambraan di queen, meethiyan gallan kare, kudi namkeen.” Does this even make any sense? Nope.

After trying to propagate the idea of feminism and equality, it honestly defeats the purpose the moment we idolise such artists. Songs like DJ Waley Babu and Brown Rang by leading rappers in the Bollywood industry are a crying shame really! These songs objectify women as objects obsessed with makeup, partying and shopping and nothing else. 

We’re really proud of this decision taken up by girls colleges! Good going ladies! 

Sourced via Times of India