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Bake Eggless Brownies At Home And Satiate Those Sweet-Tooth Cravings



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Hello, fellow foodies! If you’re someone who considers themself to have an insatiable sweet tooth then you’d be pleased to know that we just came across this recipe that will surely help you fix these cravings. 

Baking Happiness | Rakhee Vaswani is a celebrity chef and a founder at Palate Culinary Academy. She regularly posts insanely yummylicious recipes on her page but this time we’re sorta losing our heads over how simple it is to bake Eggless Brownies at home. Yes, she recently posted a video of the recipe and the cooking method and we’re so gonna try this one.

The best bit? If you don’t have eggs at home this one is eggless and the end results look absolutely ravishing. So, you needn’t crave decadent brownies from your fave bakery anymore as now you can make them at home!

We’re already putting together all the ingredients, how about you?!

Here’s The Recipe |
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