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Bag Your Fave Outfits From Flyrobe @ Upto 80% Off Ladies - Scram!


Flyrobe in Shahpur Jat has The Great Garage Sale on and we just can’t wait to go rent and buy some clothing! OMG YAY! 

Flyrobe was anyway our one stop shop when it came to getting gorgeous clothing for the biggest of events in our life, at dirt cheap prices. But now with their awesome sale on, we just can’t wait to go and finally buy some gorgeous outfits right away! 

With an upto 80% off, they’ve totally hit the ball out of the court in becoming our most favourite! So go ahead get some lovely lehengas, suits or gowns and get partying peeps! 

Upto 80% off is a major deal, we can’t wait to lay our hands on their gorgeous collection and call it our own! 

Location | 5H/1, Dada Jungi Lane, Shahpur Jat