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Baap Se Panga? | The Gaming Vegas is Throwing The Perfect Father's Day Bowling Bash @ 50% Off

So Delhi 14 Oct 2020


Do you have memories of playing cricket or football with your dad as a kid? Bringing back those memories, how about a round of bowling this time? Yay!

Relive those sweet memories at The Gaming Vegas with their super cool offer of 50% off at their Downtown Legends Bowl bowling alley. It's a really sweet deal and we can't think of a better father's day gift, can you?

Do you have the chops to take 'Baap Se Panga' as they're calling it? We're definitely going all in! 

Also, do keep in mind that the offer expires on the 19th, so get in there as soon as you can!

Where It's At | Logix City Centre Mall, Sector 32, Noida