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Awww! 12-Year Old Gurgaon Girl Saves Money & Builds a Stray Dog Shelter

So Delhi 29 Feb 2016


Picture Courtesy :Hindustan Times

You can find kind-hearted souls in every nook and cranny of the world, and this little girl is an inspiration! A 12 year old living in DLF Phase 5 saved up 2000 rupees over a couple of months to build a shelter for a stray dog near her residence in Westend Heights. 

Sakshi Sagar, a 6th grade student from KR Mangalam, got this idea after reading a piece on dog shelters in social media. We’ve always been ardent supporters of social media being the most influential way to get meaningful messages across, and she just proved us right!

She’s built a shelter taking help from her parents and an NGO, and everyday they go out of their way and make sure they’re all well-fed and taken-care of. 

What with all the JNU and Jat protests creating a ruckus, here’s a little story that restored our faith in humanity. Let us all vow to make a change too!

Source | Hindustan Times