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Away For A Meeting This Diwali? Try FabHotels For A Home-y Experience Away From Home!

So Delhi 18 Oct 2017


Work, work, work, work *hear Rihanna crooning*! It’s almost Diwali and if this is your jam and you’re in a hotel room instead of admiring the rangoli by the door at your house, if your table is laden with a laptop and files instead of sweets and dryfruits, if you’re in your formal wear instead of new traditional ones and if the only light around your right now is the tube light above you, then we feel ya! We can’t take you back to your family but we can do the next best thing, read up!

Your Home Away From Home | This Diwali, FabHotels is celebrating those who’re missing the celebrations! Seeing as a lot of their guests are away from their families even on the day of Diwali, these wonderful people will make you feel at home and cosy. They can’t take you back to your family and work is unavoidable, so they’re doing the next best thing by trying to give you a home away from home! 

So all you people who won’t be amongst their family and friends this Diwali, book your hotel rooms through FabHotels and have a happy Diwali!

We know it’s not easy and it’s not about to get any easier, but kaam toh kaam hota hai!

P.S. - Have a happy Diwali everyone!

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