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Atulyakala's A Brand Run By Deaf Artists That Makes Pretty Notebooks, Tote Bags & More

So Delhi 12 Jan 2017


A lifestyle brand and design house run by deaf artists which gives a large part of the proceeds from their sales towards the education of deaf and mute students at their training centre, Atulyakala is one brand that you should know about! They create notebooks, funky magnets and tote bags - all with quirky designs and patterns.

Atulyakala aims to empower the 18 million deaf and mute people of India by providing employment, educating deaf students and spreading awareness about Indian Sign Language. India has the largest population of deaf people, and still the awareness is zilch. Thus, it’s high time we talk about this now.

Atulyakala has a bunch of exciting products up for sale and each one of ‘em has a quirky and unique pattern/design. With quips like ‘Child Beer Available Here’ and ‘Chai’ printed on top, or a gubbare wale bhaiya riding his cycle emblazoned on their merch, they’ve got them all! 

A notebook here costs only 250 bucks, plus some proceeds from this will go towards the Blind People’s Association too! Shopping for a cause? YES!

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