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Attention Party Enthusiasts! Check Out These 5 Best, Happy-Trippy Deals @ Baromeeter

Partying and socializing come hand in hand for us party animals, right? But like every good thing, it has its own pros and cons - like when it comes to shelling out money at bars or when you have to make small talk with new people. Some of us constantly feel the urge to get our hands on some exciting deals to fight the cash crunch and this one’s just for you guys! 

We’ve got a one stop destination, only for you, so you know where to find the best party deals and how to sail through these party problems smoothly! Meet Baromeeter - the name says it all! 

Deal With The Deets | You don’t need to pay the entire amount online before using the deal. *Woah, what a respite!* You can just book your deal online (with the booking amount being as low as 100 bucks!) and redeem it at any of the listed cafes. You’ll have to pay the remaining amount once you’re done having a ball!

Don’t miss out on their variety of combos (with prices as low as Rs 699 for 2). You’ll be at ease to know that any Baromeeter deal bought online can be redeemed at scores of cafes! You’re welcome. Check out the 5 best combos they have for you to steal right away!

1. The 699 COMBO

You pay 100 bucks as the booking charge (online) and enjoy a starter, 5 IMFL drinks/beers with your better half. You can pay the remaining amount of Rs 599 at the cafe itself, after obtaining a 50% discount on the originally priced at Rs 1,200 combo (awesome)! This one is available at 12 cafes, all 7 days a week from 12 noon to 8 PM. Use them at The Cocktail House, GK I; Shooter, GTB Nagar, The Flaming Kick, Noida; Brownies Gastropub, Defence Colony, and many more places!

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2. The 999 COMBO

Pay 150 bucks online and enjoy 2 starters, 6 IMFL drinks/beers for a gang of 4! Pay the remaining amount of Rs 849 at the cafe itself and avail a 56% discount, as the deal is originally priced at Rs 1,950! It’s applicable at 11 cafes, 7 days a week and from 12 noon to 8 PM! Use it at TORA TORA Fashion Bar, Rajouri; Shooter, GTB Nagar; The Big House Cafe, Satya Niketan, Barcelos, HKV and other places! 

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3. The 1399 COMBO

Here again, just pay 150 bucks online and Rs 1,249 at the cafe for a deal that was priced at Rs 2,350 originally (a whopping 46% discount!). Take your partner along, get two starters, 6 IMFL drinks/beers and avail the deal at around 17 (wow) cafes! Use the combo that is applicable all 7 days a week, from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Check it out at The Sport Club Bar And Lounge, CP; The Nest, Lado Sarai, Take Off Scarlet, Punjabi Bagh, Zu Tisch, GK I; Post Office Cafe, Rajouri and many other haunts! 

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4. The 1699 COMBO

Pay 200 bucks online and Rs 1,499 later at the cafe you choose to go to with your crew of 4. The deal was originally priced at Rs 2,800 and you get a discount of 66% off! Get your hands on 2 starters and 8 IMFL drinks/beers. Applicable at 11 cafes, from Kinbuck2, CP; 24 Carat, Rajouri; My Bar, GK I, The Post Office Cafe, Rajouri and loads more. Use them all 7 days a week from 12 noon to 12 midnight. 

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5.The 2599 COMBO

Pay Rs 300 online and Rs 2,299 later at the cafe for a deal that was originally priced at Rs 6,100 (giving you a 62% discount!). 6 people can enjoy 4 starters, 12 IMFL drinks/beers, 1 side dish and 1 hookah using this combo which is so cool! This one’s applicable at 11 cafes from The Frat House, HKV; Club London, Saket; 38 Barracks, CP; Odd Even Club, Saket and others. Plus, it’is available on all 7 days of the week. 

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*Awestruck*. Go on guys, download the app and get the best out of your days ahead!

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