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Asmita Winter Theatre Festival Unfurls a New Gem | A Woman Alone Playing @ Lok Kala Manch

So Delhi 29 Jan 2016


A heart-rending play capturing the essence of the goddess in us, this play is the tale of a housewife who’s driven to extremes dealing with an abusive husband, a younger lover, a perverted brother-in-law, a peeping neighbour and a crying baby!

This solo play led by Shilpi Marwaha is a testament to the human spirit and hits on stereotypes, violence and demonstrates exactly what we’re capable of doing when pushed to the edge!

A truly gripping story for the ladies, we’d all like to know how she copes with her inner turmoil when anger, frustration, guilt, regret and determination all build up. Whew! 

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Where | Lok Kala Manch, Lodhi Road
When | 31st January, 7 PM
Entry | Rs 100