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ARTISTREE Makes Beautiful Detachable Crochet Footwear You'll Want To Buy NOW

Are you looking at getting some funky footwear but feel you’ll just get bored and throw ‘em away? Then check out ARTISTREE as they’ve got the funkiest collection of footwear with detachable and changeable designs! 

With everything mostly made from either recycled bits or eco friendly substances, ARTISTREE has the prettiest and colourful collection. Their summer sandals all have a common base which is super comfy, but the design top is fashioned from hand knitted crochet! 

This hand knitted crochet bit is what you can detach from the sandal and change as per your OOTD! They’ve got fun colours like magenta, turquoise, yellow and orange among many others. 

Get one base and a bunch of other crochet tops and you’ll have a new pair of sandals every time you put them on! Not only this, these guys also have some amazing necklaces which are made from recycled paper! YES and we must tell you they’re simply beautiful! 

So either get lucky and catch them at an exhibition, or DM them on Facebook and ask for details about their studio in Panchsheel, but just don’t miss out on these super cute sandals at all! 

Price | Rs 1,000 Onwards
DM Them On FB |

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