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Artisan Meats Will Deliver Herb-Marinated Sausages & More In 2 Hours In Noida!



Do you wish to cook up a comfy and rich meaty-feast at home but don’t know where to buy your sausages or preferred cuts from? Well, then keep reading ‘cause we’re here to help you out with this place that delivers herb-marinated meats and more at your home.

For ‘Em Meaty Cravings | Artisan Meats is known for their carefully cut meats and an expansive range of offerings. What we’re totally loving about this place is that it delivers the same right to the comfort of your home. Yes, you heard it right, they do doorstep-delivery wherein your order gets to as quickly as 2 hours in Noida and next day delivery between 5-7 PM in Delhi & Gurgaon. Pretty neat, eh?

From sausages to meat stock, you name it and they’ll deliver. You can order up stuff like Italian Herb Sausage, Raw Bacon, Dry Aged Pepperoni and even Confit Duck, to name a select few. Plus they also deliver sea salt and aged-cheese which is amazing!

Looks like dinner scenes are sorted, aren’t they?!

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