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Armed With an Aim to Empower The Disabled, Echoes is a Truly Unique Cafe

So Delhi 9 Mar 2016


Satya Niketan is literally brimming with cafes, but don't think this is just another addition to the array of regular eateries! Echoes is a place run by a few physically disabled people and you have to see it to believe it.

We see a new eatery joining the themed bistros club everyday, but an initiative to empower the differently abled is indeed the best one yet. 

We know you're dying to try this one out, so let us tell you what you should order here -  the Schezwan Pasta, Chicken Cheesy Nachos and the Choco Death Shake have received nothing but praises from everybody! 

A meal for two here would set you back by a measly 500 bucks.

Where It Is | 17, Satya Niketan